SockGuy Wool Black Lion Knee High Socks S/M

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SockGuy sets their focus on the urban commuter and the versatility of a tall style sock with a collection of 12 higher-LUV designs. Styles are offered in men's and women's sizes and all designs feature SockGuy's signature cool comfort formula, easy-fit cuff, and stretch-to-fit sizing. Designed to provide extra protection from the elements and even more style, SockGuy's two Merino-Polypro blend and two M.D. Acrylic designs offer cool new cycling socks to cruise to and work through the day in style, comfort and LUV. Made with 75% ultra-wicking M.D. Acrylic, 15% Nylon, and 10% Spandex for exceptional comfort and strength.

Sizing S/M L/XL
Men (UK) 4.5-8.5 8.5-12.5
Men (US) 5-9 9-13
Women (UK) 4-7 7-12
Women (US) 6-10 10-14
Euro 37-42 43-48