Race Face Atlas Cinch Cranks (Arms Only) Black 170mm/68/73mm

Race Face Atlas Cinch Cranks (Arms Only) Black 170mm/68/73mm

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Crank arms forged and then machined from tough 7050 Alloy bracing that improves stiffness while cutting out unnecessary material and featuring our Cinch interface system for new levels of versatility – these cranks excel across many disciplines including trail, enduro and full on DH or freeride! Imagine interchangeable spiders, limitless ring combinations, a 30mm alloy spindle, and full compatibility across all relevant frame standards; all delivered with RF proven strength.


  • Forged 7050 aluminum alloy arms.
  • Bracing matrix at the back of the crank arms for added stiffness.
  • Industry standard 30mm spline interface CNC machined from a commercialized aluminum super alloy that is 20% stronger than 7050 alloy (the alloy commonly used in this application).
  • Removable spider offers the ability to convert between existing chainring standards while remaining flexible to future developments.
  • The interchangeable spindle option of the Cinch system allows you to use the same crankset with 68/73mm and 83mm frames, as well as the RF BMX spindle and spider.


  • Built For: Trail / Enduro / DH / Dirt Jump / Slopstyle / BMX.
  • Spindle Size: 30mm.
  • Spiders
    • 104/64mm (boost option available).
    • 120/80mm.
    • CINCH Direct Mount.
    • 104/64mm (boost option available).
  • Chainline: Q Factors and Chainlines PDF.
  • Cinch Direct Mount: 24T, 26T, 28T, 30T, 32T, 34T, 36T, 38T, 40T, 42T.
  • BMX Race Options: BMX specific Spindle and Spider 104 BCD.
  • Weight: 690g (32T Direct Mount, without BB).
  • BB Options (Sold Separately): BB Options PDF.
  • Size: 165, 170, 175mm.

Installation Instructions