NUTRI SIS Turbo gel coocitrus multi box6

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  • Turbo+ Gel is formulated for those completing indoor turbo training sessions and is designed to help improve exercise performance during high-intensity exercise by delivering energy and buffering against fatigue whilst also helping to reduce the increased thermal stress that occurs with these types of sessions
  • Turbo+ Gel is specially formulated to be used 30-60 minutes prior to your turbo training session
  • The inclusion of menthol in the gel improves the ability to tolerate hot environments by reducing thermal perception and makes it easier to breathe through the refreshing and cooling sensations that menthol provides
  • Caffeine included is to enhance performance through its stimulatory effects on the central nervous system (CNS), whereas beta-alanine and L-carnitine facilitate improved muscle buffering
  • Available in handy 6 gel packs, or larger 30 gel box sizes
  • All Science in Sport products are tested under the Informed Sport programme