Michelin Protek Max Road Inner Tube - 700c x 32-42mm (Presta 40mm)

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How many road bike or mountain bike rides have been ruined by a flat? Regardless of whether it's a puncture or a pinched flat, the cyclist's hopes for the day's outing are dashed. Repairing or changing an inner tube is never easy, even for an experienced rider.

Many users have lost their patience given the many steps involved in repairing a flat tire. As a result, the inner tube has become the Achilles' heel of cycling. or at least it was until Michelin's advanced research programs decided to tackle the problem. With the launch of the new Protek Max inner tube, Michelin has found an efficient, speedy, groundbreaking solution. Flat tires and all the unpleasant aspects of changing an inner tube are now part of the past. The Protek Max delivers in three key areas: it is highly resistant, easy to mount and maintains tire pressure longer.

The Protek Max is virtually airtight. While a traditional inner tube like the Michelin Air Stop needs to be re-inflated at regular intervals, the new Michelin Protek Max requires inflation only half as often.

The problem of twisting - so common with traditional tubes - has been effectively eliminated. In addition to being an innovative product that saves time and energy, the Protek Max is also an attractive example of contemporary design thanks to its square shape. Thus for the first time, an inner tube combines advanced technology and an equally innovative aesthetic appeal.


PART # Valve Length (mm) Type ETRTO Size Weight (g)
830183 Presta 40mm A3 32/42-622 700c x 32-42mm 250g
060975 Schrader 35mm A3 32/42-622 700c x 32-42mm 250g