Michelin Power Competition Tyre 700 x 23c (23-622)

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The Michelin Power Competition Road Bike Tyre is the fastest tyre in the Michelin Power range and provides a 10-Watt power gain compared to its predecessor the Michelin Pro4 Service Course.

Experts at the firm's Technology Centre focused particularly on the rolling resistance, grip and resistance to perforation of the products that make up the new range with a view to ensuring even longer tyre life.

The new range also stands out for the unrivalled performance it delivers thanks to some major innovations and through the fact that it was engineered to meet the demands of the most exacting cyclists.

More Performance
10 Watt increase per pair of tyres, which equals 1 min 25 faster over 40 km riding at 35 km/h thanks to the new Race Compound (Moto GP technology).

More Grip
Optimum grip for more speed, especially on curves.

More Protection
Thanks to the Aramid Protek, with 13% greater puncture resistance on the tread.


  • Bead: Foldable.
  • Width: 23c / 25c.
  • Casing: 3 x 180 TPI.
  • Weight: 195g (700 x 23c) / 215g (700 x 25c).

Technical Information