Knog PWR Lighthead 600L

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The PWR Lighthead 600L is part of Knog's PWR Range. Compatible with the small, medium and large PWR Banks you can build the bike light that you want.

BROAD AND BRIGHT COVERAGE - The PWR Lighthead 600L outputs an elliptical style beam for broader and brighter road coverage. This modular 600 lumen lighthead can be swapped between small, medium and large PWR Bank batteries for longer runtimes.

PROGRAM YOUR LIGHT - When Knog designs each light, we put optics at the heart of that equation. Whether it's new LED formations, or beam patterns, we are committed to making each lumen work harder once you're on the road. You can program the light to suit your needs with Modemaker – control brightness, adjust runtimes and add new light modes.


  • Dimensions - H: 44mm x W: 31mm x L:31mm.
  • Weight - 34 grams.
  • Lumens - 600.

Runtimes if lighthead is paired with PWR Bank Small.


Eco-Flash 65 200 hrs
Max 600 2.3 hrs
Mid 250 6.1 hrs
Stamina 65 23 hrs
Pulse 600 8 hrs
Strobe 250 35 hrs


  • Operation: PWR Lightheads have no buttons! Instead we use rotation to switch the light on & between modes.
  • To turn light On / Off: Rotate the lighthead until it stops and hold in place for 1 second or until the light turns on / off.
  • To change the modes: Once the light is on, you can simply change the mode by rotating the light head until it stops. It will spring back into position.
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