Formula RO Brake Matt Black Front 100cm

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Formula RO Disc Brakes

The RO is the first mass production bicycle brake to use oval caliper pistons. This simple idea created a brake with more power than four piston brakes while maintaining the reliability and weight of a two piston brake. This year we updated the RO to the standard Formula radial master cylinder. This master cylinder makes the RO more compact and lighter than ever before.

Proven ECT (Enhanced Caliper Technology)

  • Increased rollback of the brake pads
  • Easy rub free brake installation
  • Increased fluid capacity

Master Cylinder

  • Forged radial master cylinder improves ergonomics and lever ratio
  • High capacity reservoir
  • Removable handlebar clamp
  • Flip-flop master cylinder
  • Forged lever blade with integrated TFRA (Tool Free Reach Adjust)
  • Hard anodised master cylinder piston
  • Laser etched logos


  • Forged one piece caliper with 24x25.4mm pistons
  • Unique Oval Piston Technology
  • Top and bottom vented caliper body for maximum cooling and performance
  • Top loading pads simplify pad changes
  • Laser etched logos
  • ECT (Enhanced Caliper Technology)


  • MC Body - Polished and anodised
  • Caliper Body - Polished and anodised with black cap
  • Lever Blade - Forged aluminium, anodised gloss black
  • FCS - Feeling Control System (black)
  • TFRA - Tool Free Reach Adjust - integrated into lever
  • Hose - Black: 100cm front / 165cm rear
  • Brake Pads - Sintered compound
  • Mounting - PM6
  • Weight - 360g (85cm hose, 160mm 1 piece rotor and mounting hardware)