Birzman Elements III Saddle Bag 0.8L

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Birzman's Elements range of panniers provide fantastic waterproof protection, with the Elements 2 Saddle Bag their mid-sized carrier for durable and protective carriage.

Made of an IPX5 certified ECO waterproof fabric, the Elements 2 Saddle Bag is Birzman's most water-resistant bag to date, giving you full confidence that your gear will stay completely dry when riding in the most torrid of weather conditions. Secured shut with a fold and lock system and featuring reflective detailing on the outer lining, both gear and rider safety is factored into the construction of this impressive bag.

Equipped with a Quick Assembly Bracket for attaching securely to 7mm saddle rails, the Elements 2 Saddle Bag has a 0.4 litre capacity, capable of keeping your ride essentials bone dry and securely bound on every ride.


  • Material: ECO fabric (waterproof) with reflective logo.
  • Size:
    • Elements I - 9.5 x 7 x 4cm.
    • Elements II - 11.5 x 9 x 5cm.
    • Elements III - 16 x 10.5 x 6cm.
  • Capacity:
    • Elements I - 0.25L.
    • Elements II - 0.4L.
    • Elements III - 0.8L.
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